donderdag, juli 11, 2013Nena


OTHER STORIES cardholder    HERSCHEL backpack    ASOS peg trousers
OTHER STORIES sandals    RIVER ISLAND sweater    PANTONE chair

Time for a new wishlist since there's a lot of sale ... but never on the items I want.
It's a fact that I always need clothes and shoes. You can never have enough. 
But it's necessary to buy other things in life. 

Right now searching for chair for my bedroom. 
My bedroom is neutral with white and grey colors but yellow accents. So I want a yellow chair.
It's not easy to find a yellow chair but I did! This Pantone chair would be perfect for my room.

I'm also looking forward for a new backpack. It's still 2 months till school starts again but It
takes ages to find the perfect backpack. I've already found this one from Herschel but in really it's a bit huge. 
Of course I still want some fashion like this blue brooklyn sweater, peg trousers and wedge sandals.

Now I'm off to the city, searching for a present for my boyfriend (we are 3 years together tomorrow).

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It's so sweet that you will get a present to your boyfriend! And congratulations for the day! I agree with you that we can never have too many things :) but that we need, of course, to buy other things. I hope you solve the chair to your room! I loved the backpack, but I adooored the
    trousers! denisesplanet.com

  2. I need a cardholder too, the yellow chair is so fun for a bedroom. Good luck with finding your bf a present, I always found it so hard


  3. Die Pantone stoel is super! Ik had vroeger ook een grijze kamer, met hier en daar wat (oker)gele accenten :) x

  4. I love the pullover! So cool:)


  5. Ohh die broek van Asos is geweldig!! Zo één wil ik ook nog graag!

    ♥ Saskia