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zaterdag, juli 06, 2013Nena

ASOS mac    ZARA knitwear    H&M DRAGON TATTOO trousers    NIKE sky high    RAY BAN sunglasses

I fi-na-lly have a mac in my closet. If you asked me a few years ago if I'd buy a mac I would have say 
'ewh noway, that's way to fashionable'.
But now I think it's a musthave. I already have a coat and longer jackets for the winter but there's
nothing wrong with wearing a coat in summer. The fabric of this one is thin so perfect for a not
so warm day like we always have here in Belgium.. 
I was following this mac for a long time, till it came on sale. It's a perfect light color for this season.
Can't live without it anymore!

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