zaterdag, juli 20, 2013Nena

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Like a told you earlier, I went last week to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. It was a surprise for
our 3 years together. An awesome suprise cause I love to shop at Amsterdam. They have almost 
everystore I need! I wish I could live there .. no that wouldn't be good for my budget :').

Of course we did a lot of shopping over there, but first of all he bought me a present:
A cute perfect Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet. It's perfect for me! I'm not that great with fragile silver
jewelry so this rubber one is perfect.

I also bought some silk loose trousers from H&M Trend and a little Cheap Monday wallet for my 
small bags 'cause my wallet it bigger than my bags :').

After my weekend at Amsterdam we also went to the Belgium coast and there I found this awesome
leather Mango jacket in my size AND in sale!

A lucky weekend!

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