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It's been a long time since I've showed you an instagram diary.
A lot of updates cause now it's summer I've a lot more to show you.
Life is more interesting when you're not at school you know!

1. Q-bic hotel in Amsterdam, what an awesome wall in our room! 

2. I'm so in love with the new Zara collection, those three items (pants, skirt and sweater) are 
definitely on my wishlist!

3. My little dog asleep. Isn't he adorable cute? I'm such a bastard, always making sneaky photos of him.

4. My new swimming pool and toys! Not that tropical but water is water. Great for a relaxing day!

5. Gimme that awesome panda sweater from Mr Gugu! I'm a panda-addict :$

6. I've been eating a lot of delicious food this month, yummyyyy!

7. A quote to end the diary. True story.

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