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zondag, juli 07, 2013Nena

Creating this post made me actually realize how many products I daily use: a lot. 
I don't have a perfect skin but it's also not a problem skin. It's just a habit to use all those products.
I probably can live without those products but that doesn't feel right and I'd feel uncomfortable the 
rest of the day ;).

I start my daily routine with cleaning my face, removing the make up (yes most of the time I sleep
with make up and I know it's so bad). I use a face wash from Garnier, it smells so good and a lotion
from Eucerin which I received in my Deauty box.

After my cleaning-fase I start with the protection-fase.
Day creme with matte effect for oily skin from Yves Rocher and I don't know why, I think because
it's a habitat and my mom buys it but I'm using an eye cream also from Yves Rocher. If my mom
wouldn't buy that cream I'd probably never use it. 

Just like I'm using the eye cream because of my mom, I'm also using the anti-dark cirkles roll on :') 
Gosh why do I need al that stuff? The only thing I can't live without is my Garnier BB cream!

Sooo, after the cleaning and protection-fase I finally start with the make up!
A transparent from Yves rocher, Blush from Hema (I'm so tired of them, I already have them for 2 
years I guess and I want to buy new ones! Grr).
For my eyes I use a waterproof eye pencil with Chanel volume mascara and to finish an eyebrow 
pencil from Hema. 

So that's my daily routine, I need 20 min to complete this all.

What's your routine, do you also use as many products?

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  1. Cute post.

    Loves, RJ

  2. Such great products! I love the Garnier roll on it's the one thing I can't leave the house without!x

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  3. mooie foto's! HEMA make-up is echt goed hé?

  4. Ja! Maar het gaat veel te lang mee haha ik heb die blush al 2 jaar denk! Ik wil eens een nieuwe kopen :D