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donderdag, juli 04, 2013Nena

Am I the only one who sometimes buys things in a second without thinking?
I always have a huge wishlist with the items I want, some items disappear and some items stay 
for a longer time, those are the ones I usually buy. 
This time it was different. I was browsing the site of Stylesuite which I discovered a while ago.
They have such an amazing items and then I saw this Filles a papa cap, it wasn't expensive 
at all and it'd fit with my blue clothes which I have a lot at this moment. 
Otherwise I could use a new cap so in one minute I clicked it home and 
the other day (super fast delivery!) it was mine!

Never regretted it. I'm happy with my new cap and you'll see it asap in an outfit.
Have a nice day - x

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