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dinsdag, oktober 13, 2015Nena

Turn it inside out // Triangl cotton candy

Turn it inside out // Triangl cotton candy

Turn it inside out // Triangl cotton candy
A little dream came true when this package arrived at my door. I guess I'm not the only one with this dream. When it's summer we see Triangl swimwear appearing all over the world from celebs to my neighbors (that last is not true, my neighbors are boys). Those bikinis have that magical thing that make them look amazing on everyone. They always fit perfect and look so smooth without any wrinkles because of the neoprene fabric. Who doesn't love that!? When I got the opportunity to choose one of them I was happier than ever. I already was sure I wanted a 'bra' shape cause I didn't own that before. Still it took me a few days to answer because I just couldn't choose. They are all so beautiful but after spamming my friends with al my choices I decided to go for a light pink color cause this looks the best with my light skin and white hair. I also did a lot of research after the sizing cause I heard before that's the (only) difficult part of the Triangl bikinis. I ordered the top in XS which is perfect for my bra size 70/75 A. Am I really telling this here? Ok it's just to help you choosing the right size! For the bottoms I usually wear jeans size 25 (34 at zara jeans) so I took a S and also this one fits perfect! Actually the sizes aren't that difficult at all, they're very similar to my normal size. Do you like my bikini, I'm so in love and now I have a good reason to go on a holiday! (hint to my boyfriend).

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  1. Wauw, wat een mooie kleur heb je gekozen! En hij staat je prachtig, wat een lijf! ;-)

  2. Jaloers! Wat een mooie bikini!

    x Karen

  3. Wow ik ben zo jaloers!
    Echt een prachtige bikini!
    Staat je beeldig!

    Liefs Astrid

  4. It's very beautiful, but I have a question if you dont mind me asking. How could you get a free triangl bikini? Did they contacted you or something? I thinks its a bit unfair that they just give free bikinis to "some girls" I want a free bikini too. :-p

    1. Haha I love your question! They did contact me because they found my instagram account so you don't need a blog at all! I already noticed people with only an instagram account who received them but you have to wait untill they contact you if you want one for free :') (It took me a while, I almost ordered one myself haha)