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vrijdag, oktober 16, 2015Nena

Turn it inside out // Monsteralarm
Turn it inside out // Monsteralarm

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I posted a photo on my Instagram of the Fendi monsterbag. It's a collection of a couple years ago and except that it's way to expensive. Too bad cause that bag was awesome and totally me - I have a crush for grumpy things haha. When my mom asked me if I needed something from the Esprit webshop cause she was making an order, I discovered their monster collection. It reminds me a lot of the Fendi collection but way more affordable! How cool does this looks!? Normally Esprit isn't my cup of tea but now they totally blow me away with this collection. I already ordered something - stay tuned - but I want more! 
Which monster do you like more, the black or green one? 

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  1. Die tas met het groene monster is zo cool! Inderdaad erg on-Esprit achtig!

    x Karen

  2. Ik vind deze ook zo leuk! Ieder item heeft wel iets!