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Turn it inside out // Rimmel fix & perfect primer

Turn it inside out // Rimmel fix & perfect primer
Turn it inside out // Rimmel fix & perfect primer
Turn it inside out // Rimmel fix & perfect primer
I'm using a primer since the day I know it exists, which is not very long :') Since I had no experience with a primer I started with budget brands like Essence and Catrice. After using those brands I still didn't knew what's the point of a primer. The first one from Essence got a really weird smell after a couple weeks and it dried up before I could smear it on my face. The second one from Catrice was better but still I couldn't see a noticeable difference. I decided to give it another try with another primer and did some research before. I came across many primers like the Porefessional from Benefit and the famous primers from Smashbox but the opinions were divided and I didn't want to spent a lot of money on another primer I don't like. I decided to go for the Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer. I couldn't find many reviews about this one but if I found one, it was very positive! It's not a budget primer but still not expensive at all. 

It's a 5 in 1 product and promises: smoothening - surfacing - brightening - mattifying - protection.
The first thing I discovered was the smell, it's a basic smell like Nivea or Dove which is a good thing unless you don't like perfumed products. The texture it perfect, not liquid but creamy. I tried it on my face and finally discovered the point of a primer. It's not greasy at all and it dried perfect on time at my face. My skin felt smooth and healthy after using it, almost like a used a day cream instead. I totally loved that! My redness reduced, but it didn't disappeared (which I can't expect, it's not a miracle product). It mattifies my skin and my foundation stays longer. However I don't have experience with many other primers I'm very happy with this one, I does what it should do and that's all I need ;) 

What primer do you use? 

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