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zaterdag, september 26, 2015Nena

Turn it inside out // 10 rain boots to survive in style

Turn it inside out // 10 rain boots to survive in style

Hello! I told you in my last outfit post that I desperately need some rain boots / wellies if I want to survive this season. My despair started last Wednesday when I was on a day trip with my class and it started to rain cats and dogs. We were 30 minutes away from or destination so there was no other choice than continue the walk. I thought I was prepared for the rain with my umbrella, rain coat and rain poncho but I totally forgot to protect my lower body. So there I was .. walking through the rain, with my ankles in the water. At that moment I was SO jealous of the people who wore rain boots. I never thought of rain boots before cause they're not really that charmant but hey that's the past! Nowadays rain boots are cooler that every and they are a must-have for every closet. The range is so large I even can't choose. I'm sure I want to go for a basic color like black, grey or blue cause you never know when it will rain so they have to fit every outfit. 
Do you already own rain boots?

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