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dinsdag, september 15, 2015Nena

Turn it inside out: Dr martens boots

Turn it inside out: Dr martens boots
Turn it inside out: Dr martens boots
Dr Martens opened their first store in Antwerp and I was invited at the opening! I always wanted a real pair of Dr Martens boots since I wore my cheap ass combat boots that much. The store is small but in some way they have everything you need even the limited editions. It's the first time I discovered they also sell clothes and bags! But first I wanted to start with the item what made them famous: the boots. I didn't went for the basic 1460 but for the Pascal in Virginia leather. You probably want to know the difference. The basic 1460 have a small boarder at the top and they are wider than the Pascal. See it like the Pascal are more for women feet cause they're smaller and a little less bombastic. Except those factors I also liked the virginia leather more than the original smooth ones. Virginia leather is softer and more flexible. I'm soo happy with my boots and I can't wait to wear them! I already have so much inspiration for fall season. 

Now I also see the difference with my cheap combat boots, the quality of Dr Martens is so much better and even the ergonomic is a huge difference. When you try them on you sure feel that they're worth the money. In my eyes they're timeless and indestructible! 

Take a look at the Dr Martens site to discover their clothes and gorgeous bags! 

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