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zondag, oktober 26, 2014Nena

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On my mind right now: Timberland boots! 
They exist for almost 40 years now and they never ran out of style. But now after all those years they hit the fashion scene. They're not really 'ladylike'  but I like the edgy look. Of course I'll go for the classic 'wheat' color. I call that color the 'Timberland color'. If I see something in this color it's like 'hey that's the Timberland color' haha. I think they're also perfect winter pieces. They're comfy, warm, and water-resistant. Enough to survive the snowy days. Unfortunately those pluses take their price but I think they're worth the money because of their timeless design and quality. And if you're still not sure, you can always start with a budget option, Nelly has some great look a likes in different colors!

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  1. People say it's not `ladylike`but for the last 10-15 years they're worn by ladies so much that it became `ladies boots`. I don't see men wearing them around. They're mostly worn by women.