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zondag, oktober 12, 2014Nena

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I've seen a lot of colors for fall and winters. Colors like black, grey, army green and a bit of camel. But I'm still waiting for the red color trend. You'er probably thinking 'why waiting for a red trend?'. Well because trends make it a lot easier to find the perfect items. I hardly can find anything red when I go shopping and I'm in a red mood right now! I've been thinking that people always said to me that I look good with red. But I don't have anything red in my closet, maybe one or two tops, but that's it. I think I should pay some more attention for the color that suits me well. I did some research and found some very good red pieces to fill my closet. What's you matching color? 

1. Shift dress     2. Check print poncho    3. Lumber jacket     4. Pinstripe top     5. Striped jumper 

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