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donderdag, september 26, 2013Nena

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Thank God we have Zalando! If you can't find it on Zalando, you'll find it nowhere.
And yes it's true. After weeks of searching for the perfect silver shoes / ankle boots which you'll
probably recognize from my winter essentials, I've finally found a perfect pair.
They're even better than perfect cause they're way cheaper than the budget on my mind.
It isn't easy to find silver shoes or boots. It's a special color and most of the time you just can't 
find any silver shoes or they're way too expensive.
I'm very glad I've been able to find this rare color of shoes for such a great price. 
I'm happy and my wallet is happy! 

I almost can't wait to combine them with the tartan trend. 

Here you can find the Even&Odd shoes
- x

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