woensdag, september 25, 2013Nena

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It's been a while since I've shown you a instagram diary.
I'm not only posting outfits like i told you in a previous post, but also a lot of
random things what happen in my daily life.

1. My new Citiscape Downtown Philips headphone thanks to the give away of the Fashion Guitar!
2. Reading some fashion magazines on a monday morning.
3. New favorite shoes from Zara Trf. Love the transparent sole.
4. I love the colors of the detail shot of this outfit.
5. Browsing trough Pinterest and I found this cool bubblegum skull!
6. Detail of this outfit.
7. Celebrated daddy's birthday at a Greek restaurant. (the left plate is mine, nomnom)
8. Still in love with this men sweater from Zara.
9. I have to admit: I'm a tea addict! (Do you love my childhood mug?)

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