dinsdag, september 03, 2013Nena

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It happens now and then that I can't choose which item to buy but if I ask other peoples 
opinion and I think about it for a day or two, I can make my choice.

But this time it's different, it's horrible!
I'm thinking about those shoes for a week now! I want them both, and If they'll be available 
long enough, I'll buy them both. But right now my budget can manage only one pair.

So dear readers, what do you think:
1. The left ones from Zara with the transparent sole. They'll be easy to combine with every outfit
but they're 80 euros.


2. The right ones from Asos. They're awesome! So unique but not that easy to combine cause 
they're black and white. All over black is just more basic. 
And at this moment there's an Asos discount code so they only cost 50 euros.

What do you think?

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