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zaterdag, maart 16, 2013Nena

A few items of my wishlist at this moment. Priorty items 'cause my wishlist is a lot bigger than this. 
You probably know that sweater already, it's on my mind for a few months and I guess I gonna wait
so long .. 'till it's out of stock, yeah that's me. Also a few items of the new Zara collection, the
pointy 'gladiator' sandals which remind me a lot of Alexander Wangs style and cow print trousers
'cause black and white prints fit with everything. 

But the biggest priorty .. dungarees! I love those black dungarees of Asos, can't wait to wear them! 

ZARA cow print trousers    ASOS dungarees    ZARA sweater    ZARA sandals

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  1. i want everything!! i love your blog, i follow, follow me??? kisses