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vrijdag, maart 15, 2013Nena

No not the famous Chanel espadrilles, unfortunately. I wish I could afford the Chanel ones but
that's not possible for a student budget. Any way there are still a lot of other espadrilles in the world
which look as nice! So I found those ones at Asos last week. Very low budget so why hesitate? 

Maybe I'm into a small DIY-project. Espadrilles like those ones already exist for a long time, but why
are the Chanel ones then so amazing? Well, I like them because of the amazing fabrics of course, but 
also for the colored nose. Yep that's it, I just love that colored nose, they make espadrilles look 
more unusual. 

So now I'm thinking to paint a colored nose at those ones, also to make them more special.

What do you think? 

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  1. You can alwaays make them Channel look-a-likes :)
    I love these though. Plain but cute :)

  2. Ik wil die channel's ook!!!! Helaas buiten ons budget:( Zijn nog steeds super!! Verven zou idd super zijn, moet je wel goed uitkijken haha:-D Veel liefs

  3. Ik vind die van chanel ook zoooo prachtig, maar deze vind ik ook zeker mooi! Ik ga deze onthouden! Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat als je ze gaat verven!