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zaterdag, maart 30, 2013Nena

Hi guys, it's been a while since I've made a new blogpost. Last week I was in Copenhagen with 
school, including my lovely friend Lotte from Wallflowermagic. Now I'm totally back, be prepared
for new items and outfits but first of all a little diary with some shots from Copenhagen.

Weird photo made trough a special effect lens.

Beautiful location which reminds me of a Harry Potter decor.

Having fun at the boat trip to Copenhagen.

The Egg chair of Arne Jacobsen, great to see in real life and very comfortable!

Picture at the beach .. sort of beach, everything was frozen. Together with my classmates
and Lotte

Special chair at the Wegner industry.

I totally felt in love with the Heschel backpacks at the Louisiana museum, too bad they are so

Cute medical lamps, also at the Louisiana museum.

One of the many impressive buildings at Copenhagen.

Sightseeing with Lotte, wearing my black dungarees which you can't see yet (outfit is coming).

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  1. Haha moest die laatste foto er op :D
    Ik vond het fijn met je ;)

  2. Volgens mij heb ik in precies hetzelfde hotel gelogeerd: city hotel kan dat? Leuke foto's ook!