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woensdag, augustus 30, 2023Nena

I almost can't believe how time's flying. A while ago I wrote a blogpost about my Spring wishlist and now I'm here again, creating a Fall wishlist. Meanwhile I've changed my shopping habit a lot. I decreased my monthly shopping budget and that's working out very well! I'm slowly working on a capsule wardrobe because I think that when you have a good basic capsule wardrobe with quality items, you don't 'need' to buy many extra clothes anymore. Maybe a few new 'trending' pieces every season but that's it. So, here a new list of the key items that I want this Fall season:

Leather blazer: I already have a vegan leather blazer but my experience with leather look is that it won't last long and since I want to invest in a long lasting wardrobe, I prefer real leather. I recently tried this one from Massimo Dutti on and it was perfect!

Slim fit t-shirt: some basic shirt to combine with everything. Still looking for a white slim fit t-shirt that's not see through! If you know, let me know ;-)

Metallic jeans: This is one of the 'trend' items I want this season. Not sure if I will wear it for years, but for this season I say: yes please!

Saint Laurent belt: Jep .. forever on my wishlist.

Cropped straight leg jeans: looking for a good straight leg jeans like this one from Levi's. I always choose Levi's for my jeans. They are good quality and are the perfect fit for me. I think everyone needs a cropped straight leg jeans. It really goes with everything!

A chunky necklace and matching earrings: In my previous blogpost I showed you the jewelry collection of ARKET and these two items are from that collection. Seriously craving them!

Black knit sweater: Can you believe I don't even own a black knit sweater!? Maybe because I was always looking for the perfect one and couldn't find it. I think now I did! 

Sequin midi skirt: Sadly again on my wishlist, I'm still looking for this sequin skirt from Mango last year. 

Air Wrap: now that my hair is recovering and growing longer it gives me possibilities to create different hair styles and I've seen soo many easy and beautiful hairstyles done by the Dyson Air Wrap that I can't wait to have a Dyson Air Wrap myself. I know that it's an investment but I think it's absolutely worth it and sometimes you can be lucky to find a discount ;-) 

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