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woensdag, april 19, 2023Nena

I wanted to say 'spring is arriving' but unfortunately it's not. Anyway, I created a spring wishlist to cheer myself up. 12 key items that I want to buy this season. 

1. White long sleeve t-shirt: a simple white long sleeve. Not oversized. but just a basic top to wear in an everyday outfit. Now let's start the challenge to find one that's not see through. 

2. Grey cap: I dare to wear a cap now and then and I still don't have a grey one. I'm pretty picky when it comes to finding the right grey shade but I this this one from Anine Bing is exactly what I'm looking for!

3. Oversized sweatshirt: oh yes, an oversized sweatshirt to combine with a pencil skirt, so good!

4. Saint Laurent belt: on my wishlist for so long already .. 

5. Sequin midi skirt: I saw it, I want it, I need it. In combination with the oversized sweatshirt to create an effortless chique outfit. I hope I can find this one from Mango cause it's from an old collection.

6. Off shoulder top: very nice in combination with an A line skirt or a straight jeans.

7. Saint Laurent Mica sunglasses: I think everyone needs a few sunglasses in different shapes, I still need a rectangular one.

8. Isabel Marant Beth sneakers: everyone has the Adidas Samba sneakers right now but I don't like the color way. I spotted these Beth sneakers and they're much more my cup of tea!

9. Ballerinas: trend-alert, yes they're back and to be honest, I like them. I'd prefer the Chanel ones but I think I'll go for a more affordable dupe :') 

10. Satin midi skirt: you can style this in so many ways, it even looks good in a casual outfit with sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt. Yes this is a good summer key item for me.

11. Patent trousers: I've always had a pair of patent trousers but they ripped a while ago so I need a new pair. 

12. Le Tanneur Emilie bag: This small Emilie bag from Le Tanneur. It's the perfect size and the perfect shape. I really love this one and it's definitely a timeless bag. Worth the investment!

So that's my wishlist for this season. I'm decluttering my wardrobe. I have way to many clothes and I want to create sort of a capsule wardrobe with some good key pieces and basics so I'll try to keep my shopping behavior to this list. What's on your wishlist?

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