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zondag, maart 27, 2016Nena

Maruti footwear, gimlet, frog, hairy, pony hair, fur, shoes, trends, 2016, new in, inspiration

Maruti footwear, Nena, frog, hairy, pony hair, fur, shoes, sneakers, trends, 2016, new in, inspirationHappy Easter days! I hope you all enjoyed an overload of chocolate!

Do you know Maruti Footwear already? You maybe recognize them from some of my outfits cause I already own a pair. Recently I received 2 new pairs of the new Spring collection, aren’t they gorgeous!? I’m so in love with the hairy styles and fine prints! It makes them unique and eye catching. They’re definitely an extra to every outfit. 

For the people who don’t know Maruti Footwear, they do not only sell animal prints but also basic prints and colors, pastel colors - very on-trend now! - and even metallic finishes! The shoes are made of natural fabrics and that sounds very good of course. 

I’m very proud of the second pair cause they’re a little more special to me. The model is called ’Nena’ and I’m soo proud of that! It’s so cool cause I don’t hear my name that much and now there’s  suddenly a shoe with my name. It feels a bit like they’re personally made for me haha. 

You can find the Gimlet shoes here and the Nena with frog print here

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