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dinsdag, mei 12, 2015Nena

Graphic design, poster, western ,inspired, sadel, leather, furniture, harness, student, belgium, uhasselt

Furniture, design, interior architecture, uhasselt, leather, wood, oak, magazine holder
Leather, diy, furniture, harness leather, oak, wood, side table ,design, interior architecture, desinger, student, uhasselt
For the first time in my life I'm showing you a school project. You probably already know that I'm studying interior architecture which includes designing a lot of interiors from houses and shops to catwalks and exhibitions but also designing furniture. It was the first time now that I had to make a real object, not only drawings. The mission was to create an object, just an object which could be anything but we had to make three choices without hesitating: the inspiration source, the material and the technique. My inspiration source was my personal blog, for the material I choose leather and the technique was stability. I did a lot of research and experiments to explore the stability of imitation leather and real leather but nothing can defeat the strength of real leather. Making a cylinder shape gave the leather te most stability and because my inspiration was my blog I went for a magazine holder. I designed my object and discovered that I also could use it upside down as a side table! Above you can see the result which I made on my own without any professional help (except the round oak plate, it's made mechanically). There's no construction inside, it's just as you can see it: leather and a wood plate. I gave it the name 'Sadel' which refers to saddle because it's also made of saddle leather and also because it looks a bit like a saddle. After all I'm very proud of my first real object designed and made by myself! Do you like it? 

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