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donderdag, mei 28, 2015Nena

Asos, fashion finder, present, surprise, fashon blogger, chanel new in , gift

Asos, present, surprise, gift, new in , fashion finder, member, note
Cath Kidston, laundry bag, travel laundry bag, lip balm, kiss & mix, raspberry, beauty, gift
Hello and good evening! Yesterday my doorbell rang and my first thought was 'FINALLY MY SHOES' but no. Instead the mailman gave me a package of Asos. I couldn't remember I ordered anything at Asos last week so I was very curious about the black box. When I opened it a sweet note explained everything. It was a thank you gift for being such an awesome 'Asos FF member' ! Do you know it? It's a fashion community where you can upload outfits or create outfit collages. Everything is sorted by trend or style so it's very organized and perfect to search for inspiration. Back to my present now, inside the box I found a raspberry lip balm and laundry bags from Cath Kidston. How cute! I can't believe I never heard of travel laundry bags before cause it's an awesome invention! No more ugly plastic bags when traveling but a beautiful and sound one. It's almost to beautiful for dirty wash haha! So thank you Asos for this lovely present! 

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