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donderdag, maart 19, 2015Nena

Breakfast, easy, healthy, recipe, crispbread, egg, blueberries, crackers, gezond, ontbijt

breakfast idea, ikea, h&m, alexander wang, crispbread, recipe, healty, gezond, ontbijt, kaba, tomatoes, blueberrie, egg
Goodmoring! Let's start the day with a healthy breakfast. Not that I always eat healthy .. most of the time I eat Kelloggs but sometime I'm in the mood (not that often) to spend some more time on my first meal of the day. I'm addicted to crispbread 'crackers' lately, it tastes good and it's so fast and easy to prepare! I used some basic sandwich filling I found at the fridge like eggs, ham, cheese, mini tomatoes and herb cheese. And some blueberries for decorating my plate of course haha. Now I'm curious what you eat for breakfast! Have a lovely day!

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  1. Hmmm ziet er heerlijk uit, mooie foto's ook!

    x Karen

  2. Morning sweetie! Your breakfast looks super pretty and I'm bet it's delicious too! You're making me hungry, haha! <3 xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW