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donderdag, januari 01, 2015Nena

Zara leather jacket new collection 2014 pleated studded shirt zara trf jeans nike dunk sky high wedge sneakers mesh white outfit post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium c-mine cmine genk

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! (and sorry for being a bad blogger). I'm so so so ridiculous busy for school this week. Next week I have a presentation so everything has to be perfect. After that day I'll be back as a full time blogger! 
Today I'm showing you a roundup of the most read posts of this year. Starting with numero:

10. It's a long time ago, I even wasn't blonde back than. I remember this was the first outfitpost with my leather jacket, still a favorite right now!

hello march quote
9. A personal post answering questions about myself. It's nice to see you are curious about the person behind this blog ^^

asos biker cocoon coat new yorker boom sweatshirt hoodie h&m divided mesh top river island pvc high shine patent trousers pants converse all star sneakers outfit post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium

8. Was this the first time I showed you those awesome patent trousers? I guess that's the reason for the high ratings.

Mr gugu miss go white panda sweater basic collection cheap monday grey hat monki denim oversized shirt zara trf jeans zara trf transparent derby outfit post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium

7. Only at place 7? C'mon panda's deserve better! :D

asos cocoon biker coat arafat scarf uknown h&m fluffy sweater h&m trend silk trousers adidas adicolor W5 superstar outfit post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium

6. Hey ho let's do something crazy! Do you like my scarf or was it all about the Adidas sneakers? ;)

Harry potter hogwarts tshirt primark burgundy panel leggins h&m divided asos dino flatform sneakers primark round sunglasses new look military army waistcoat outfit post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium

5. Harry Potter will always be a famous keyword I guess. 

Outfit post by belgium fashion blogger turn it inside out wearing zara leather jacket 2014, choies checked shirt, h&m the rolling stones t-shirt, zara black skinny jeans, red converse all stars and a longboard of decathlon

4. I miss the summer if I see this picture. My longboard is looking forward to the next one!

mr gugu miss go mafia basketball jersey top oversized dress nike snow authentic beanie asos cocoon biker coat nike dunk sky high white mesh inspiration sportive outfit post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium

3. How to wear a basketball top. It's easy to wear as a dress but you can also wear it in winter. It looks like it was a great inspiration for my readers.

primark atmosphere basic new in eindhoven shopping hoodie white shirt strapless bra bandeau tops harry potter t shirt top tee hogwarts school

2. Primark posts are popular on my blog. Is it to check what's in store at the moment or do you just love budget clothes? - Or are all those readers just Harry Potter fans again :') Let me know!

Blue hair trend spring summer 2014 pastel hair ombre silver blue blog post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium inspiration

1. We have a winner and it's even not an outfit post! Looks like blue hair is on a lot of people's mind! I tried it but it failed so I'm curious if one of my readers tried it!

I wish you a lot of fun this year!

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  1. Leuk artikel! Ik vind het ook altijd heel wonderlijk om te kijken welke posts het beste gelezen worden. Vaak zijn dit de posts waarvan je het helemaal niet verwacht!