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zondag, september 14, 2014Nena

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They're back! Back from where? The 90's or your basement .. everyway back from a long time ago. I think we all remember those sneakers from or childhood or maybe before. At least I did, I have the Adidas Superstars from the Adicolor line and I also know that I wanted the Hi Reeboks in a neon color. In my childhood I didn't knew anything about fashion or style, I just followed other kids. All those sneakers were a trend once, and that's the only reason why I wanted them. If you had them, you were a cool kid, that's it. We didn't bought them because the sneakers were comfortable or beautiful, no they made us cool and that was everything that counts. When another trend came up, those ones ended up in the basement cause there was no way we were going to wear those old skool sneakers any longer. Did we bought them for the wrong reason? Yes I think, but we had fun with them so that's enough. Now after all those years they're back! Back for the good reason cause now I can appreciate them. They still exist and they made it through 2014. That tells a lot about the worthiness of those sneakers. So how do you think about the return of those retro sneakers?

1. Reebok classic     2. Adidas Superstar     3. Reebok F/S hi also here    4. Nike Air force 1 also here     5. Puma basket classic 

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