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zaterdag, september 06, 2014Nena

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It's time again to show you what I've been up to last month. I want to let you know the girl behind the blog ;) - Enjoy it!

1. I discovered my old pc games again. I was a huge Sims addict but I quit when I went to high school but now I picked up! I'm playing the Sims 2 again! 
2. I bought some new shoes (again)! You can see them in my next outfitpost and one of my birthday presents: a book full of quotes by Karl Lagerfeld, it's a great book!

3. Another birthday present from my boyfriend, we stayed at this hotel: Hotel Dream at Mons. It's a renovated monastery. Amazing interior.
4. My lovely dog Indy, I bought him a bow for fun haha. He looks adorable wearing it but he hates it. He ate the bow after 30 minutes :(
pretty little liars season 1 2 3 dvd boxes, ikea stripes, kaba drink, coloringbook for adults
5. My current addiction: Pretty Little Liars. Since it's summer stop right now, I bought the available boxes and I'll watch everything again. #freak
6. I'm in love with all the black and white striped things from Ikea as you can see. 

7. I went grocery shopping in Germany, they have so much more than here in Belgium. I bought all the tastes of the Kaba powders. It's like 'Nesquick' chocolate powder but than with fruit tastes.
8. A coloring book for adults. A Paris edition with drawings of Parisian monuments.  You can fold it open so it's one huge drawing. I haven't started yet cause I'm scared I'll mess it up haha.

barbie instagram, panda pairi daiza, belgium pandas, xao hao, petit beurre pie
9. Barbie has Instagram and its awesome! She posts outfits like a fashion blogger, it's really great.
10. Finallyyyyy my biggest love in real life ! Aaaaaaahhhhh

11. Birthday brunch - the dessert. Yum!
12. I tried the receipt of my granny and made 'petit beurre' pie. It's easy and delicious!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Leuke foto's haha dat strikje ook :P!

    Liefs Nora /

  2. Pretty little liars <3 Dat vind ik zo'n leuke serie

  3. Awww, Indy looks so cute, too bad he ate the bow, haha, but understandable ;-) Your birthday brunch dessert looked very tasty by the way.

  4. Jaaa! ik ben verslaafd aan die serie :D

  5. Haha I tried a lot of stuff on him but he doesn't like anything :( He just wants his own furry coat haha.