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Last week I told you about my make up routine and the products I use (read this post). Of course I didn't discovered those products and techniques on my own. I'm not a beauty blogger so I don't know anything about make up. I just use it, that's it. After al those years of using make up without knowing anything about it I did make some changes a few months ago. I follow the famous Dutch beauty bloggers, Miss lipgloss, Beautygloss and Veracamilla. Sometime before I went to the drugstore for new make up I read a few reviews. But then something happened, Masha from Beautygloss posted a new article with videos of different international youtube channels (find it here). The videos were about different foundation routines for different skins. Really? They use a different technique for each skin type? I discovered a new world haha! I clicked on the video for skin type 'Oily skin with imperfections' and came out by the youtube channel of Ciaoobelllaxo. After watching her foundation routine I couldn't believe my eyes. Such a difference! The first thing in my mind was 'Ooooh that's how they do that'. Since that day I'm a huge fan of Ciaaobelllaxo. She has the same skin type as me so that makes it a lot easier to follow her beauty routine. I can almost use the same products as her. I just want to share her beauty channel with you cause everything I learned about using make up, I learned it from her ;)

Here's the first video I watched:

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