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vrijdag, juli 18, 2014Nena

Marc by marc jacobs slim zippy holographic silver wallet and designer marc by marc jacobs skeleton watch silver new in present by fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium

gaia zoo parc kerkrade netherlands animals and more
gaia zoo parc kerkrade netherlands animals and more

longboard pintail exotic hawaiian tropical decathlon beginner board
3 things I didn't mentioned on my blog or anywhere else. You can find a lot of my personal life on my Instagram. As, my trip to Luxembourg, the present I bought for my boyfriend and a lot more. Still there are thing I didn't mentioned but I definitely want to share them with you. 

First of all I told you a while ago in this post that my grandmother was searching for a present for her grandchildren, something that'll remind us of her for the rest of our lives. I sure I wanted a new designer watch. As you can see I went for the Marc by Marc Jacobs skeleton watch in silver. Also a little extra as you can see: fi-na-lly a new wallet. I had my previous one for like 6 years I guess (it was from Zara) but I always wanted a designer wallet. I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs but the reason I love his wallets is because of the inside organization. It's a holographic color, fancy! Ps. Thank you grandma, I love you!

The second thing is that I went to Gaia Zoo with my bf. I'm such an animal lover and I was positively surprised of this zoo. It's one of the most beautiful parks I've ever seen. There's a funny side about the third picture. It's a 'Capibara'. I've never heard of this animal but it looks like a huge cavia and the monkeys were trying to push him in the water while he was drinking haha poor him. 

And than the last thing: I bought myself a longboard! Till now everything goes well. I don't dare that much but hey, it's fun! And I also really love the print on my board!

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