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vrijdag, juni 13, 2014Nena

mango summer sale 2014 tartan college shift dress in grey, sleeveless new york nyc hoodie spaghetti strap dress leather biker jacket in blue palm print shirt hawaii tropicana sale post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium
The sale has begun! Not everywhere but a few shops are already participating  such as Mango. Too bad for Belgium people like me cause we have to wait for our official sale date: july 1. The positive side is that I already can see the sale everywhere so I have all the time to prepare for the Belgium sale. I took a look at the Mango sale and made my selection. When our sale start I know exactly what I want and I can order immediately without browsing again through the whole site till everything I want is sold out. I made a small / realistic selection of 5 items. I'm not planning to buy everything but those are my favorites. I'm still searching for a nice shift dress and oh boy that palm tree shirt gives me so much inspiration! Sometimes I just need 100 000 euros. 

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  1. some stores do the 'koppelverkoop' thing (in Belgium) or send you a preview private sale card ! Sometimes it's good the add your address to a newsletter to get this advantage !

    Good luck with your shopping :)