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dinsdag, juni 17, 2014Nena

nelly sale one teaspoon shorts delmas jacket alexander mcqueen sleeve dress letter belt cheap monday estradeur hoodie basket singlet estradeur zebra shorts nly raw sweat tank inspiration post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium
I already showed my Mango sale favorites but now it's time to show you everything I love about the Nelly sale. They've a sale which is really worth the name 'sale' with mega discounts! Find an early acces code on their Facebook:  VIP@NELLY .What can I say more? Just take a look and happy shopping!

1. Feel basket singlet     2. One teaspoon shorts     3. Fetch hoodie     4. Raw sweat tank     5. Letter belt        6. T sleeve dress     7. Zebra shorts     8. Delmas jacket

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  1. I love your favourite sale item posts a lot, this time mine is the basket singlet. I just love them in any color and size! I think they look great in any way, a really cool item to play with - from basic to comfy chique!

    XO from Malta,