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dinsdag, april 29, 2014Nena

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My grandmother is going to buy her grandchildren something which will remind us about her for the rest of our lives. It's a very loyal gift! I don't wear that much jewelry and I also don't have a home to decorate with something so I was thinking about a watch. That'd be a great memory right? I don't have an expensive watch so it'd be nice if my first one is a gift from my grandmother. 
I already made a choice, kind of. It's gonna be Marc or Karl. But who .. and which color. I can go for save and basic with a silver one but we all now I'm not a basic type so my opinion also goes to a black one. My boyfriend said a black one looks cheaper than a silver one, is he right? I like the subtle one from Marc Jacobs with the transparent display but I also like the one from Karl Lagerfeld, this one looks more luxurious. AAAAH it's making me crazy! I really don't know which one to choose cause I like them all.

What's you opinion? Black or silver and which model? Help me!

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  1. Ik vind de horloge van Marc Jacobs altijd heel mooi! Mijn favoriet is de hele rechtse in het rijtje:)

    xx Laura

  2. Zowieso silver en k vind die van karl lagerfeld wat specialer die zie je ook minder! Ben benieuwd voor welke je gaat!

  3. Ik zou de zilvere Marc Jacobs kopen! Al vind ik de zwarte wel leuk, maar 100% Marc! Haha liefs,

  4. de zilvere Marc Jacobs vind ik het leukst :)

  5. Mooie horloges! Ik vind denk ik de MJ's echt het gaafst.