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maandag, april 28, 2014Nena

new in back t shirt pc high woven tee back for good weekday yellow slogan amsterdam mtwtfss black turtleneck top shopping fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium
When I'm in Amsterdam I always go to the store 'Weekday'. It's such a cool store we don't have here in Belgium. They have an amazing sale, which is definitely worth the name 'sale'. I came home with those pieces: A bright yellow t-shirt from the brand 'BACK' with the slogan 'back for good'. I guess you already recognize those tees from other bloggers, it was kind of a small hype. I like this one for the yellow color (It's my favorite color) but also for the slogan so yea why not. I mean, with 70% sale you can't ignore this one ;). 
I also bought a black top, a special one. I don't know the fabric but it's a bit shiny and feels like a rainy fabric. It's very thin so definitely perfect for the summer and there're strings at the top and bottom. 

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