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woensdag, januari 29, 2014Nena

rosalina nacken handbags luxury designer inspiration

It really is true that all women dream of (or at least, secretly dream of) owning a designer handbag. Why? Handbags are one of those accessories that you take everywhere; that carry all of your essential and most precious items. Phones, makeup, tablets, wallet, you name it; they all have a place in the everyday handbag. A good handbag must be reliable, stylish, and durable. They must possess a certain quality and presence that means you will not get sick of looking at it day in, day out – with a touch of personal flair that really makes it ‘yours’. Most designer handbags have all of these qualities, and more.
Oh, and let’s not forget that all the major celebrities wouldn’t be seen dead without a designer handbag! Victoria Beckham has a Ralph Lauren; Rachel Bilson has a Chanel; Jessica Alba has a Prada. We are all after a bit of that Hollywood glamour, and with the right handbag, we can get it. The timeless designs of brands such as Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs mean that they will never go out of fashion – not to mention they go with most outfits. There are so many brands that focus on designing the perfect luxury leather handbags for women, for example Rosalina Nacken –has designed a multipurpose handbag that has a designer iPad case inside. This iPad case can also be transformed into a chic clutch for more social events – ideal for women like me, who are always on the go!

rosalina nacken handbags luxury designer inspiration
The Limited Edition of the Shelle Classica in Poetic Peach

To me, designer handbags are definitely more an investment than a splurge. If you are going to buy luxury, you might as well buy something that will be used continuously and add that little touch of ‘chic’ to every outfit. It also makes the perfect gift (hint hint). It is little wonder then that every woman dreams of owning a luxurious designer handbag! 

What's your craving designer bag? Let me know!


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  1. Oeh die zwarte op de foto is mooi zeg! Ik wil graag een rebecca minkoff bag die kleine.. ogh vind die zo mooi!

    Liefs Nora /

  2. I wish I could make a separate set of wardrobe specially for luxurious branded leather handbags.

  3. Thanks for your comment honey! Love that bag, but me personally I crave for the Michael Kors Jet Set Chain bag in black. Still trying to find a good deal for this.