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vrijdag, januari 31, 2014Nena

MARK/GIUSTI menswear fashion luxury men accessoires

Accessorising is a way of life for us women. It’s all about the jewellery, the handbag, and the scarves to compliment our outfits and tie everything together. Many men, however, are afraid to take the leap into the accessory world in fear they’ll lose their ‘manliness’ or ‘toughness.’ This is a huge misconception; accessorising is for both genders and is just as crucial for a man’s wardrobe as it is for a woman’s. The right mix of accessories can change a man’s outfit from decent to impressively fashionable. Women are the experts in this department, so it is up to us to encourage our man to invest in some luxury adornments and find the perfect way to spice up their everyday look. 

Bags and briefcases are a simple, yet transforming accessory for men to use on a daily basis. Forget the comical term “murse” to describe a bag for a man and replace it with the name Dunhill. This luxury designer has a collection of leather briefcases and document bags for the elite businessmen, specifically the “Tradition Double Document Case.” This handcrafted leather case is perfect for day-to-day business life with its spacious internal compartments, additional flat pockets, pen loops, and phone holder. The beautiful brown chestnut leather will look great with a suit or make a casual outfit look more sophisticated. This case will speak louder than words of his achievements. No matter what colour you decide, this leather accessory will get you noticed!

MARK/GIUSTI menswear fashion luxury men accessoires

A designer pocket square is another easy way to enhance a suit. MARK / GIUSTI is known for luxury leather bags and other leather products, but the brand also has many other fashionable, high-end accessories, including pocket squares. The “Roma” mosaic pocket square from the Romanza collection is covered in rich colours—deep blues, reds and mustards—that can brighten up any outfit. This unique handkerchief is made from luxury Italian silk and is inspired by 13th century art from the Basilica di San Lorenzo Fuori Le Mura in Rome. Add this to your man’s repertoire and he’ll be modelling a work of art on his chest.MARK/GIUSTI menswear fashion luxury men accessoires

Another misconception about male accessories is that scarves are just for women. That is not true! Finding the right manly scarf can be tough, but once you do it looks fantastic. Burberry makes a fashionable, yet masculine scarf called the “Check Crinkled Scarf.” This soft wool and cashmere blend is lightweight, versatile, and can be worn in multiple seasons. The colours are dark blues, greys and light yellows with the iconic Burberry check pattern. The scarf has frayed ends and a crinkled finish to give it a less refined look, which also helps with its masculinity. Have your man wear it around his neck to keep him staying warm and stylish.

Some men are catching on to the fashion trends and are starting to accessorise regularly. Most, though, don’t think its “for them” and haven’t been brave enough to step outside their comfort zones.  Help your boyfriend, husband, brother or best guy friend enter the world of fashion and pick out some luxury accessories to add to their wardrobes. Once they find the perfect addition to their outfits, they will be more than grateful to you.

Now I'm curious, what does your boyfriend / friend think about male accessories?


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  1. Ik vind ze echt superleuk! Mijn vriend is opzicht best goed gekleed, hij is vooral dol op merkkleding. Ik denk dat hij een strikje niet zou dragen overigens, maar zo een tas wel!

  2. the bow ties …. super mooi !! (en mijn man draagt ze wel !)