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maandag, december 02, 2013Nena

marc by marc jacobs techno zippy wallet holographic blue, apple magic mouse, vitra elephant mousepad zara tartan lace top hay black lup candle hay kaleido plates zalando menu unplugged drop bowl hama tripod 61 gossip girl season 6 pretty little liars season 1 and 2 dvd box christmas xmas presents wishlist

Every year again I have a huge wish list, mostly filled with clothes. Clothes aren't easy presents, definitely not when you have to buy them online. My parents don't buy online so this year I went for an easier and more affordable wish list. 

What I want:
MARC BY MARC JACOBS wallet     VITRA elephant mouse pad     APPLE magic mouse     ZARA tartan lace top     HAY black lup     HAY kaleido     MENU drop bowl     HAMA tripod     GOSSIP GIRL season 6 (Don't tell me who's gossip girl!)      PRETTY LITTLE LIARS season 1 & 2

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