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zaterdag, december 28, 2013Nena

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Back from nowhere. I've been very busy those days and I'm trying to organize everything but that doesn't go very well. I have procrastination ;). But back to my blog now! I received a lot of Christmas presents; thank you mom, dad and my lovely bf. I guess I received almost everything from my Christmas wish list: An Apple wired mouse, after using the trackpad for years I came to the conclusion that a mouse would be a lot easier. - The last season of Gossip Girl, exciting! - First season of Pretty Little Liars, that tv-show is sooooo good that I want all the dvds. - Cookbooks of Belgian cook Jeroen Meus with everyday recipes. - And last a stative / tripod for my camera. Now I only need a remote and I can make my own outfit photos!

Have a lovely day!


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