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maandag, mei 13, 2013Nena

5PREVIEW wallet    ASOS crop top    ASOS mac    ASOS rings    RAY BAN sunglasses

Good morning! Let's start the week with some new wishes. 

I love to wear coats but I only have one for the winter and one for the summer. So I'm wearing
the same coat almost the whole season. It's a black one and black is timeless. You can never go
wrong with black but now that the summer is coming up .. I want a summer color. Something like
light grey? I found this mac at Asos and yesss I'm in love! The only thing is that I'm maybe to small for
such a long jacket. 

I'm also looking for a new wallet. I really like the color of this one from 5preview! 
Except that you can always make me smile with (all) Ray Ban color lens sunglasses or a bright 
colored crop top.

Have a great monday!

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  1. Very nice items. Have a nice week.


  2. Die ringen zijn echt tof voor de zomer, leuk om er zo meerdere aan 1 vinger te dragen :)

  3. Very cute items! I especially love the colorful sunnies, they would be perfect for Spring and Summer :)

  4. Really nice items! Love the wallet and the crop top :)