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woensdag, mei 01, 2013Nena

Jep I also have I life outside of my blog. On my blog you can see outfits and purchases but on my
Instagram there are a little more extras about my personal life.

1. You know the build-a-bear shops where you can create your own bear? I totally felt in love 
with this super adorable panda at Copenhagen! Too bad I didn't bring him home with me :(
2. The Marc Jacobs for Coca Cola bottles joined my collection.
3. I really like this lamp at the Creneau office.
4. My goodiebag from Stylight! Thanks a lot.
5. I thing this was my biggest online package ever! (It was a Vitra-chair replica)
6. Wearing my denim dungarees with a paisley shirt, love the combination!
7. New decoration for my room!
8. Sunset of a few days ago, it reminds me of the care bears ^^!
9. Centre of Copenhagen, totally love this city! Definitely one of my favorites.
10. I did a closet-clean last week, this is the result.

Have a great day!

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  1. Buenas imágenes!!


  2. haha wat super leuk dat je een winkel hebt waar je je eigen beren kan maken!
    Verder ook een leuke post!

  3. so nice pics;)