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Oohh I love this little piece of sunshine, the first symptoms of spring. I really can use this after all those cold months but I guess we still have to be patient for some warm temperatures. This week was quite busy, I've been visiting more places than I usually do on a month. I also received the results of my very import schoolproject from the last weeks and I succeeded! HAPPINESS! 

I've been waiting for this sunny weather to finally wear my camel sweater again. I'm still in love with camel clothes and my mom's camel scarf fits perfect with the sweater. Thanks mom for my new scarf! You know where you can find it now ;)

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Something on my mind for a few weeks now is a pair of gladiator sandals. I'm not really a sandal person, to be honest I hate them. I'm rather the person who wears chunky sneakers with socks at summer instead of sandals. They look so good on other people that I'm starting to doubt about myself,  maybe I should give it a try. But then a hunt start: which one? Tiny straps, thick traps, chunky sole or elegant flat. I don't know yet but luckily I still have some time to think about it cause I'm still hopping around in my furry coat instead of some spring items. What do you think about the gladiator sandals?

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Hello again, it's 10 pm while I'm writing this post so it's almost time to close my eyes. I'm so tired after a day full of shopping, not because of the bags I had to care cause I only bought a triangle bra .. just like I did last week. Nice done to myself :'). 
I also went out for a new outfit shoot. For today I combined a few of my favorite basic pieces together. That's the good thing about basics, they always fit with each other. Goodnight ! 

COAT mango - similar here
JUMPER zara - similar here
JEANS asos
BAG mango
Venice, romantic, city, italy, beautiful, wishlist, travel, city trip, top 5One of my resolutions is to travel more. I love traveling! My first holiday was when I was 2 years old and from then I went on holiday every year, sometimes even three times in a year. But now I'm old enough to pay for my own holiday - at least that's what my parents think - it's has been a lot less. Instead I'm doing a lot more city trips so this location called Venice will probably be one of my next trips. I never went to Italy but if I go I want to visit Venice first. I'm in love with the romance about this place. Everything looks so perfect there.

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My parents have something with Greek islands and I have it too. We already went to Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Kos but my next Greek destination will be Santorini. I'm totally in love with the stereotype white and blue houses. It seems like it's always summer there and I can't wait to discover those fresh looking tiny streets.

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Last year my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Egypt but because of personal reasons we had to cancel our plans. Still is Egypt number one on my travel wishlist. At the moment it's not save over there only at the hotels but if I go to Egypt I want to visit their culture and see some pyramids and temples. So I'll wait for this trip until it's save again.

I've been to Paris for three times now but if it was up to me I'd go 12 months in a year. I don't need London or New york, I need paris. This city is perfect to me and has so many characters. Every day is a surprise and this city has all you need. - except a beach with palm trees.

I'm sure I don't have to explain this one because of the first photo ;) I can say that China is definitely a craving but one day I'll be there cuddling with a group of pandas! I'm also very curious about the rest of the country, they way they live, their culture. Everything seems so interesting to me. It's almost unbelievable how different they live in comparison with us. 

What's your ultimate travel wish list?
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