Wearing: Leopard, fur, coat, zara, paris sweatshirt, mango, vero moda, leather track pants, joggers, zara slip on, celine inspired, sneakers
Wearing: Leopard, fur, coat, zara, paris sweatshirt, mango, vero moda, leather joggers, zara slip ons, celine knock off, sneakers
outfit, street style, how to wear, leopard, fur coat, sweatshirt , sportive, leather trousers, belgium
Wearing: Zara, fur coat, leopard print, paris boutique, fashion blogger, belgian blogger, belgium, street style
Outfit post by belgian blogger, leather look, grey slip ons, celine, leather track pants, mango sweatshirt, minimal, sportive
leopard coat, leather trousers, fashion blogger, sportive, inspiration
I'm very busy with school projects again and also other things like cleaning my interior. Spring is almost behind the corner so it's time to change everything from winter to summer style. Fashion Related it's still winter in my closet as you can see. I made an ultimate combination of leopard and leather, which isn't always that easy. If you do it wrong it can look very tacky. I went for a sportive styling and it turned out pretty well! 

COAT zara - similar here
TROUSERS vero moda via zalando - similar here
SHOES zara

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I love to read blog posts where bloggers tell about crazy facts about themselves, it makes me me realise that I'm not that weird so I'm giving it a try too!

1. I'm sleeping with a teddy bear for 23 years right know. It's an elephant but his name is 'Bear'! Originally he was blue but he already got a new fabric a couple times and now he's green. My family and friends all know about my Bear.

2. I'm not a sportive type but when I was younger I exercised a lot hobbies. My favorite was inline skating but I also did street dance and judo for a while. Oh and I was an acolyte "misdienaar".

3. As a teenager I was a party animal but now you have to come out with a very good reason to make me leave my home at night.

4. I don't drink alcohol. I did before but I don't like it and I'm drunk after one glass nowadays.

5. I have two piercing, a tongue piercing and a vertical labret. I got them both without my parents permission.

6. I don't have any brothers or sisters and I never wanted them.

7. The volume of my car radio always has to be 5, 10, 15 or 20. Don't ever try to put the volume on 17!!

8. I don't eat between 9 pm and 9 am. It makes me sick.

9. I always wanted a panda as pet when I was younger. I still do.

10. I hate swimming and I only swim when I'm on holiday in an exotic country.

Now it's your turn!
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After New York, London and Milan it's finally time for Paris. Tomorrow is the start of Paris fashion week but you can already see the show of Etam tonight. Who needs an invitation if you can just watch it from your couch with a bag of chips while wearing some PJ's ;) Just click on the link and enjoy! 

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Asos has 20% off new season items right now! I already picked myself a sale outfit which I wouldn't mind wearing very soon ;) I only need some higher temperatures and a lot more sunshine. Happy shopping!

shorts / asos HERE  -  top / pieces HERE  -  coat / warehouse HERE  -  heels / selected linn HERE  -  sunglasses / le specs HERE  -  bag / monki HERE
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