A different outfit than you're used of me but ohh I'm so in love with my new pajamas from Jack Wills! It's something you probably don't know about me but I have a weird obsession with PJ's. Those sets always catch my attention and I even don't know why but they always look so cute! My closet with pajamas is almost as big as my closet for clothes. Wooops. But then I think - you can never have too much pajamas - Sometimes there are weeks I wear more PJ's as clothes so also this one was a good investment for the summer ^^. Don't tell me I'm the only one with this weird habitation?

PJ set is from Jack Wills, unfortunately it's sold out :(

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Tartan red, check, jacket, asos basball top, marc b, dylan bag, cross body, street style
Checkered jacket, tartan, red, zara, tomato, cross body bag, ripped jeans
Tartan jacket, zara, cross body bag, marc b, ripped jeans, superga, camel, sneakers, fashion, trends 2015
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Belgium, belgian blogger, mode blogger, marc b bag, tartan jacket
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My most comfortable items and my favorite style mixed in one outfit. My most worn jeans already survives for almost 7 years - it wasn't even ripped went I bought it :'). My mom hates it and I love it! In combination with my tartan jacket and my Superga sneakers, this outfit felt so comfortable! I'm also very happy with my new bag, it's the perfect in between size for every outfit. 

TOP asos
JEANS zara
SNEAKERS superga
BAG marc b

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I'm getting more and more into hand bags lately. Basic bags, trending bags, backpacks, eye catchers, huge bags, I can use them all. But even with all those different bags there's always one primary bag. That one bag you always prefer at last minute decisions, the bag that fits with every outfit from casual to exclusive. Speaking about that bag, I needed a new one. When Marc B. contacted me about their new collection I bumped into this beautiful Dylan cross body bag. Since I got my hands on this one it hasn't left my arm! It's not to big, not to small and it fits with every outfit. So be prepared for an overdose of outfits with my new primary bag! Do you like it ?

You can find the bag here.
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Round sunglasses, primark, celine inspired tote bag, zara, primark shirt
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Finally my spring and summer items get some attention again. It's been a while but I'm rediscovering my favorite summer pieces. I dragged out my lovely grey trench coat and a basic white shirt. No heavy coats any more but wearing those thin fabrics again feels so good! It's a basic outfit but I'm still impressed how this coat is always the perfect finish. Ok now I'm going back to my Cinderella position, cleaning the floor cause I painted my walls without any floor protection. Worst idea ever!

TRENCH COAT asos - similar here
SHIRT primark men 
JEANS mango - similar here
BAG zara
SLIP ON zara
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