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dinsdag, december 15, 2015Nena

Next week it’s Christmas and that means it’s urgent time to do some Christmas shopping! I’m always very early when it comes to Xmas shopping, each year again I have presents before there’s a tree in the house haha. It’s not easy to buy presents for someone else so my family and I always make a wish list so we’re sure we’ll buy something they can use. Of course my list is always so long that it’s always a surprise what I’ll really get when it’s Christmas. Above you can see a few things from my wish list, I’m asking a lot of typical Christmas presents like books and dvd’s but also a lot of Lush products - yummyy! What do you ask for Christmas?

1. Dior and I dvd
2. Eastpak marble backpack
3. How to be Parisian book
4. Happy plugs silver earplugs
5. H&M fringer jumper
6. COS slim leather belt
7. Moon Boot snow boots
8. Lush American cream conditioner
9. Chanel book

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  1. American cream komt ook zeker op mijn wishlist!

  2. Ik wil die Dior film al een tijdje zien dus dat zou een ideaal kerstcadeau zijn ;-)

    x Karen