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woensdag, november 11, 2015Nena

Turn it inside out // Black cluse watch

Turn it inside out // Black cluse watch
Turn it inside out // Black cluse watch
Turn it inside out // Black cluse watch
Hello guys! I've been busy for a few days again. Yesterday I even attend the Zalando Blogger Awards in Belgium. It was my first time but wow what a great event! Of course I saved you some photos so you can also discover the evening - and awesome location a little bit. By this I also want to congratulate the winners of the Zalando awards! 

Back on topic. During the Vogue Shopping night last week I was doubting about ordering the gorgeous Topshop coat. Finally I didn't because I wasn't sure about the red color - it doesn't fit with everything - and if spend that big amount of money on a coat, I don't want to be unsure about it. Of course I spent my money on something else that night: a new watch. I was searching for an everyday watch for a while since I'm not wearing my designer Marc Jacobs watch all the time. Ideally I wanted a black one cause it fits with every outfit. I saw a lot of bloggers wearing a minimalistic watch with a mesh strap and discovered that Cluse sells them for an affordable price. I ordered it at the webshop with the extra Vogue discount. I totally love my new watch! It's perfect for everyday! 

Find it here or here

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  1. Oh ja ik zag ze al tijdens de Blogger Awards! Prachtige horloge.