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Turn it inside out // Hair routine

Turn it inside out // Hair routine
Turn it inside out // Hair routine
Hello everyone! Finally finally it's time to talk about my hair routine. I get a lot of questions and compliments about my hair color so today I'm going to give you the answers. I'm still experimenting with products, which ones are better but for the moment I use everything you can see above. 

First step:
Get your hair bleached. Your own hair color and structure determines how to bleach it but the hair dresser sure knows how to do it right (tip: don't do it on your own cause it can damage your hair very much!). My personal color is dark blonde but my hair is very thin so it bleaches very fast. After that they dye it with L'oreal Majirel 10.1 to make it equal.

The hairdressers work is done now but the rest is up to me.

Shower time:
The first thing I do is using a hair mask once a week cause bleached hair needs a good treatment. I'm using Marilyn from Lush (read the review here) which is made of natural products and gets rid of the yellow tones. After my mask I wash my hair every time with a silver shampoo. I switch between two types cause the reflex shampoo from Schwarzkopf gives my hair a purple shine while the shampoo from L'oreal professionnel gives it a blue / silver shine. Sometime I leave it in for 30 minutes if the yellow tones are dominant but don't do this to much or you wil end up with purple hair haha. From experience I can say those ones are the best silver shampoos I've tried yet. The shampoos are kind of chemical and don't do much for your hair care so it's recommended to use them in combination with a conditioner.

After showering:
From the moment I leave my shower I use a leave-in Mythic oil from L'oreal. I discovered it at the hairdresser and it makes my hair so soft and shiny! 

Before blow drying it I use a volume mousse. My thin hair really needs volume! I blow dry it just random haha. I don't get the technics to blow dry it straight so I wait until it's dry, use a L'oreal liss heat protector serum and get saved by a straightener. Sometimes I use volume powder afterwards, if my hair gets longer it's more difficult to get volume. 

Tip: Since the outgrowth is always darker than white / grey hair and you're not in the mood to bleach your hair every month it's a tip to use dry shampoo. The white powder makes the outgrowth lighter so it reduces the contrast with your white hair. And btw, an outgrowth looks pretty cool with this hair color! 

Well that's a lot of text. I hoped it helped you but if you still have questions, just shoot! :D 

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