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dinsdag, juli 21, 2015Nena

Even if I'm very happy with my hair right now, I can't stop watching other hairstyles. I've almost had all the colors of the rainbow trough the years but I'm pretty sure I'll keep it white or grey now. I'm glad I finally found a good hairstyle. Years ago I had the same color but with long hair and believe me, that was a huge difference! My hair was so dry (even worse) that I went back to my natural color. Of course I was tired again after 2 years so I went lighter and lighter again. First I didn't dare but I have to admit that the color looks way better on my short hair and it's much easier to keep it healthy. The more photo's I see, the more I like it. I'll make a blogpost very soon about my hair routine and how to keep it this way cause it's not an easy color! If you don't use the right products, you'll end up like a canary (: 

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