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Skin care routine, morning routine, philosophy face wash, purity, yver rocher, pure system, day cream, anti age, grease lightning, lush, anti spot

Skin care routine, night routine, evening, philosophy, purity, face wash, garnier micellair water, yver rocher cure solutions,
Skin care routine, weekly routine, mask, freeman mask, clay mask, peel off, let the good times roll, lush, scrub
Since my daily make-up routine was a big succes I decided to also show you my skin care routine. I don't have the perfect skin at all, actually it's very impure. I'm not the type who can leave her house without make-up and using make-up requests for good skin care routine of course.

Morning routine:
In the morning I start with the Purity 3 in 1 face wash from Philosophy. It's not a budget one but I prefer a good one. After I washed my face I use a day cream, usually it's the Pure system day cream from Yves Rocher. I can't really say if it works but it's a nice cream cause it's not sticky at all. I would buy this again I think. You can also see another day cream on the photo, it's an anti age cream also from Yves Rocher. Sometimes when my skin is very dry I use this one instead. This one also has a pleasant texture. I already told you about my impure skin so pimples are weekly issues for me, I bought the Grease Lightning spot treatment of Lush which works fine but it's not a miracle product of cours so don't expect too much ;).

Evening routine:
In the evening it's time to remove all my make up. I start with a micelar water from Garnier to remove my make-up and again the Purity face wash for the leftovers. To take care of my skin the rest of the night I use a night cream from Yves Rocher called 'Cure solutions'.

Weekly routine:
Once a week I pamper myself with a face mask and face scrub. Let the good times roll scrub of Lush is really the best scrub I've ever used. My skin feels so incredibly soft after using it and I'm also addicted to the smell. Sometimes I just open it to remember the smell. For the moment I use face masks of Freeman, I bought them at the drugstore for a cheap price but it's so much that they're still not halfway! I can recommend the yellow one with lemon and mint, it's so fresh! The peel-off with cucumber isn't really my cup of tea. Such a sticky smooth thing, urgh. It's always a hell to remove the left overs and it sticks in my hair. Nope, no peel-off masks for me anymore.

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