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woensdag, april 08, 2015Nena

Striped dress, felt hat, wool scarf, leather biker jacket, nike air force 1 black, fedora hat

Topshop wool scarf, zara leather jacket, zara striped dress, h&m felt hat, fedora hat
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Leather biker jacket zara
Felt hat h&m, striped dress, trends spring summer, nike air force 1 black
Hey guys! I have to ask you an important question about this dress. But first I'll explain the story. I bought this dress months ago at Zara but as usual it was too long. The Zara models are always 1m85 so for me this dress was too long and not flattering. I decided to make it shorter, so I brought it to a dressmaker. In some way this wasn't a good idea cause the result is way shorter than I asked for! I have no idea what happened but when I tried it on for the first time today I was shocked! I immediately asked my boyfriends opinion and he told me that it's not that big of an issue and I could wear it. Still I felt uncomfortable the rest of the day. So tell me your opinion cause I'm already searching for a new striped dress. Do you think it's too short or am I a drama queen - which is also possible ;). Thanks already for your opinion!

HAT h&m - similar here
DRESS zara - similar here
SCARF topshop
JACKET zara - similar here
SHOES nike

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  1. Heel tof, dit staat je echt supergoed!

    ♥♥♥ Saskia

  2. Jammer zeg dat hij te kort is gemaakt. Ik voel me daar ook nooit fijn bij. Maar als je het niet had verteld, had ik niet gezien dat ie zo kort was!

  3. Ik ben de hele dag onbewust dat ding omlaag aan het trekken haha. is ook geen zicht :') ik draag hem voortaan gewoon over een broek denk ik !

  4. Toffe outfit, staat je goed! Met kousen eronder, gaat het wel hoor! Mooie locatie ook, is dit niet het Stadspark in Bilzen?

    x Karen

  5. Jaa is idd in het park van Bilzen :D