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donderdag, mei 15, 2014Nena

River island maggie palm print bikini monki basy mid waist bikini asos geo mono bikini summer items trend bustier palm tree print blog post fashion blogger turn it inside out belgium
It's almost bikini time (or that's what I'm hoping for). Never trust the weather so it's better to be prepared. First I have to admit something about myself: I don't like swimming. I just don't like the water. It's cold and I always have a lot of problems with water in my ears and except that, swimming pools are way to hysterical here in Belgium. It's almost impossible to relax IN the water here, except when you have your own swimming pool at home. So I actually only swim when I'm on holiday.  

But that whole story doesn't change anything about my love for bikinis. However I don't wear often a bikini, I still want to have a whole collection. Just in case, and because they're beautiful!

I made a selection of my 3 favorites. I like the bustier trend 'cause you can also wear it as a top. 
Altough I'm not a fan of the high waist hipsters how can I not like something with a palm tree print!? 

Which one do you like more and what's your opinion about the high waist hipsters?

1. Asos top & hipster     2. Monki top & hipster      3. River Island top & hipster

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