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dinsdag, oktober 01, 2013Nena

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I told you yesterday that I went to the National Glamour day last weekend.
It's a sort of event from the Dutch Glamour magazine where you can enjoy a lot of discounts in
selected stores in the Netherlands and (just a few) in Belgium.
Lucky me I'm living next to the Dutch border so I went shopping in Maastricht that day.
I scored this great pinstripe sweater at Mango with a discount of twenty percent, yay!
I really like the pinstripe trend, don't ask me why but it just looks great.
I tried on a Zara pinstripe sweater before (see it here) but I wasn't sure about the shape or
if it was worth the money and now it's sold out. I'm glad I've found this one at Mango cause I like this
one a lot more. The shape fits me way better and also the fabric feels warm and comfy.
Do you also like the pinstripe trend?

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