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Time to show you what's in those bags.

Last weekend I went to Disneyland Paris for 3 days but we had a 4th night for free so my 
bf and me decided to spent the last day in Paris city. Because we had only one day I had
to make a selection of stores I wanted to visit. I decided to skip the stores which I also can
find here in Belgium. Especially Zara 'cause the assortment in Paris is much bigger than here.
I've found this cute skirt / short (there's a skort underneath, the one with the flowers on).
I love the combination of the checkered print with the flowerprint. I think it will also look great
with some tights when it's winter.

But priority on my list was the Marc by Marc Jacobs store and the Bookmarc store.
Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers, unfortunately there's only one store here in Belgium,
1,5 hours driving and they even don't have a Bookmarc.
If Mr. Marc Jacobs would ship internationally it would be a lot easier!

I've found a casual blue tee of the special items collection and a denim coated bag which I found 
at the Bookmarc store. I was looking for a shopper bag and this one is more than perfect!
I'm also glad I bought the tee cause they don't sell it here and I also couldn't find it online.

I'm already looking forward to go bag! I totally love Paris city! (but I still want to live in Disneyland)

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  1. That MJ bag looks cool! Is it a denim fabric?
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniessstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  2. Leuke aankoopjes! Voor het MJ t-shirt is leuk!

    PS: Panties in engels zijn onderbroekjes, thights is panty. Haha!

  3. whaha, hoe kan k dat nu verwarren :D dat krijg je als je nederlandse woorden met engelse verwisselt denk ik haha, goed dat je het zegt :D snel even veranderen voor dat de hele wereld het gelezen heeft :')

  4. Yes it's a sort of coated denim but you can see the denim fabric better on the inside of the bag :D In real it's not that obvious

  5. Super leuke dingen heb je gekocht! Naar die skort ga ik ook maar eens op zoek in de winter ;)

    xx Riëlle

  6. Wat mooi! Ik vind dat shirt echt hééél erg gaaf!

  7. Really love the items you bought!

  8. Dat Marc Jacobs shirt is mooi, fijne kleur ook!

  9. These zara's shorts are amazing! I bought the same marc Jacobs tee to my boyfriend some months ago!^^ the shade is really perfect


  10. Yes I saw it too at the boys department! :D